Having customers is wrong?

What do your customers expect from you?

Do you provide great customer service?

Do you go the extra mile?

Do you do all the same things your competition does but better?

So do you have customers?

Things are good when you have customers but if you just have customers, you are doing something wrong. I know you are asking, what are you talking about? Let me explain. Start with just the definition of customer, it means one that buys goods or services. Ok, so I am sure you already knew this. When building your business your “customers” expect you to sell them a good or service. Yes if you meet their expectation they may hire or buy from you again. To succeed, you must create”FANS”. Fans are huge in business, the definition, a person who admires or is enthusiastic about someone or something. Fans want to see you do good and suceed. Think of how much Colts fans cheer for Payton Manning. They buy his jerseys, cheer every time he does something great on the field, fans become concerned if he is hit hard, etc.. I am sure you get the point. Rather in your business you have to turn your customers into your FANS. In doing this your fans will care about your business because they are your FAN!

You may already have some fans of your business and have not even noticed.

Do you have fans of your business? I would love to hear how you created your fans or some stories on how fans have helped your business.


It has been brought to my attention by the owner of My Car Doc, John Cannon that there is a book about “Raving Fans”. He said it was a good ready and I plan on checking it out for my first time. Below is a link to the book if you want to give it a read.

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